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Something New and Exciting for Idaho’s Blind

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by Kevin Pirnie



We have a new exciting feature for our Idaho’s Blind Youtube channel. Beginning today I will be publishing a banquet speech from our prior national presidents in video format each week on Sundays.

The majority of these speeches are available in audio only until now. I am converting many of them over to video so that they can be enjoyed by a whole new worldwide audience.

Delivered annually by our President at the national convention, the banquet speech often delves into groundbreaking philosophical thought and results in a rousing standing ovation.

This week we are starting of with a real rare and special banquet speech presented by Dr. Kenneth Jernigan at Dallas, Texas in 1993. This speech is titled, The Nature of Independence. This particular banquet speech was actually recorded in video format at the convention and is now available on the Idaho’s Blind YT channel here.



Many of us have recently read the Braille Monitor version and have discussed it in various gatherings. Now the world can watch Dr. Jernigan present it himself from the Idaho’s Blind channel.

If you don’t want to miss any great future videos subscribe at


If you missed last week’s 1952 historic speech by Dr. Tnbroek you can watch it here.

The Roll of the Blind in a Democratic Society



Thank you to everyone that has been filming and starring in videos. You are what people are learning about blindness, so keep them coming!





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