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Is This Kenneth Jernigan’s Best Speech Ever?

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by Kevin Pirnie
Just a quick note to draw your attention to our most recent featured banquet speech on our Idaho’s Blind Youtube channel.

As you may know, each Sunday we feature a banquet speech from the archives of one of the National Federation of the Blind’s former presidents. The majority of these speeches I have converted to video from audio. These classic speeches bring into focus the true philosophy of the NFB and bring understanding of the many issues that we, the blind, were addressing through past decades, also known as the blind movement.

Some of you may not be real familiar with Kenneth Jernigan, but may have heard the name. He was the second president of the National Federation of the Blind and was a formitable leader of the blind movement for many years. He was also a dynamic orator, thought provoking philosopher and an insightful historian.

This last Sunday we featured one of his most impactful and best banquet speeches. Ramona charachtorized it as one of his best two speeches that he ever delivered.

I encourage you to watch it, or listen to it, thoughtfully and carefully. Then maybe discuss it at your next chapter meeting or get together with other Federationists.

You can find it hear:
Blindness, is History Against Us?

Keep up the good work, you are making a difference.

Also, be sure and check out many of the other great videos that are added daily on the Idaho’s Blind YT channel.





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