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Showcasing Living the Life You Want on Idaho’s Blind Youtube Channel

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by Kevin Pirnie


Showing the public blind people living the life we want is proving to be a valuable way to educate the sighted about blindness.

Each day the Idaho’s Blind Youtube channel is featuring a new video of blind people doing everyday activities. Many are educational on blindness skills and many are simply showing blind individuals living the life they want.


The sighted public is so curious about how blind people do what we do and most times are afraid to ask. The Idaho’s Blind Youtube channel is simply leveraging the power of Youtube audiences to show the sighted public, a glimpse of everyday blind people like you and me living full lives and overcoming the challenges of living without sight.


It is exciting to see the Idaho’s Blind channel now taking off like wildfire and people loving getting to know the blind and learning how we do what we do. Most importantly, they see us living the lives we want in all kinds of everyday situations.


Since we launched this phase of our YT channel in may of this year, we now have over 92,000 views on our videos. In October alone we have over 34,000 views, and the month is not yet over.


With this fast growth in our audience I launched a new feature a few weeks ago. Each Sunday we are premiering a historic speech from one of our former presidents that I have converted to video format. This will be a good way for people to learn about the philosophy and history of the nation’s blind as the channel grows.


We invite you to check some of the links below to some of our playlists and videos. I also invite you to make your own videos. If you would like us to feature them on the Idaho’s Blind channel we can create a new playlist for friends of Idaho’s Blind. You never know, you may get tens of thousands of views on your videos.


Subscribe to Idaho’s Blind here


2023 Blindness Awareness Banquet Playlist

Our local chapter held a fun and successful banquet for Blindness Equality Achievement Month. We featured several blind people including a retired blind teacher from Africa who taught sighted children in public schools for more than 31 years.



2023 BELL and Beyond Camp Playlist

Videos from a summer residential style BELL camp held in the mountains of Idaho along side a beautiful mountain lake.



Banquet Speeches Playlist

Here are video versions of some of the historic speeches that were presented by our former NFB presidents.



Direct link to the Idaho’s Blind Youtube channel.


Yes, the world wants to see you on video and learn more of the truth about blindness. We are educating people one video at a time. Join us in this effort!

Oh by the way, did you see the wonderful article about the Idaho’s Blind channel featured in the October Braille Monitor written by Ramona Walhof? You can read it here.


If you have questions or if I can be of service please feel free to reach out to me.

Kevin Pirnie





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