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NFB of Idaho Braille-a-thon 2018!

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Calling all Braille readers. Here is a chance to improve on your braille fluency and have fun reading!

Rules for Idaho 2017-2018 Braille-a-thon


Reading begins on January 4 and ends at midnight on March 4. Count all braille pages you read during that time, even those you read for school. Whatever you read can only be counted once.



  1. Below, you will find a questionnaire, which you should download, complete and send to Susan Ford at <>   We are

asking each participant to choose someone who will verify the pages they read. This person can be a friend, a parent, a teacher-someone who will help you keep track of the pages you read and remind you to turn them in by March 20.

NFB of Idaho Braille-a-thon 2018(2)



  1. Each participant will receive a cash prize. The amount will be determined by the pages you read compared to others in your reading category. Categories will be determined by how many participants we have. We encourage all braille readers to join the fun! Feel free to ask questions if you have them. Call 208-376-17277  if you have questions.

You can find reading materials by downloading from BARD, borrowing from the commission library, or calling the Utah Library at 800-453-4293. We also have a number of books belonging to the Boise BELL program.



You don’t have to have your questionnaire in to start reading, but you need to submit it before the end of the reading activity.



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