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New Voter Technology Now Available in Bonneville County Idaho for the Blind and Disabled

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New technologies are making it easier for blind and disabled voters to independently participate in the election process in Bonneville county Idaho.


“There are many challenges for disabled people when it comes to voting, but new assisted technology is giving them a chance to share their voices by taking some of the difficulties out of it.

ESlate is one of the newer voter technologies helping disabled people. One of the older systems called AutoMARK, is still being widely used.

ESlate is the newest assisted voter technology out there with wheels, buttons, braille, and audio with headphones.

“It was so simple and so easy. I never knew why I didn’t try it before in the last election. I felt a little intimidated, you know, because I haven’t been able to learn braille that well,” said Sean Malone, a visually impaired voter.

Whether you know braille or not, this device is easy to use — especially with the headphones and audio options.

“I would stress to anybody that is hesitant to vote that’s blind or visually impaired out there — especially in the Bonneville County area — to get in and vote and use these machines,” said Malone.

The ESlate voting machine is available in all precincts in Bonneville County.”



Reported by Taja Davis



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